Fall Family Bake-Off!!

Hey guys! How’s everyone’s transition into fall? Going smoothly? A wee bit bumpy?

Mine’s going pretty good, but I always find myself wishing I could get outside and enjoy it more. Especially with my recent move, I’ve been itching to get outside and explore my new neighbourhood but haven’t really started yet. In time, I suppose!

Anyway, I was home for the weekend, and this morning mom decided would be a bake-off. As in, we’re going to make like twenty kinds of cookies and stuff and then all just die from the visual explosion of fall goodness sitting on the table! Yes, it gets that intense.

By noon, she’d made my FAVOURITE, and proudly one of my first completely made-by-me recipes, my Soft Molasses Spice Cookies. These babies are to die for, so soft, and just bursting with that fall/winter/cold weather comfort food flavour. I think one of the things I love the most about them is how easy they are to tweak to accommodate food allergies and lifestyles.

Fast forward to 4 pm. I was outside for the afternoon, came back, and what did I see?

Well, it wasn’t the kitchen table, I can tell ya that!

Date squares, peanut butter cookies, biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, home made bread (sidenote: I actually made the bread in the morning, but it adds to the overall effect, right?), and chocolate crinkles. Plus, pumpkin pie in the fridge. Ahhhhhhhhh!

Grandma made apple streusel muffins too. Seriously, so many baked goods! We could’ve easily had a bake sale and all the fall cottage goers would’ve paid our hydro bill for the month.

I’d definitely say my favourite was still the good ole molasses cookie. It just can’t be beat. Add a cup of tea, and I’m done. See you tomorrow, it is officially chill time!

What are your fall favourites? Do you like to get outside and explore or enjoy the fall splendor from inside?


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