Family Dinner Madness

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Do you use the time to wind down, or get busier than ever? While I prefer a more down-time themed weekend, I know a lot of us tend to jam-pack it with after-work work!

There’s a lot of birthdays in fall in my family, mine included, and so we usually try and pick one weekend where we get together, have a big dinner, exchange gifts, and generally have a good time. The number of people at our table has been growing recently; I introduced my serious boyfriend last Christmas, and my uncle introduced his girlfriend as well. They usually try and bring her little boy along, so you can imagine how packed it can start to get!

Great food, amazing people, and events to celebrate…sounds perfect, right?


How many of you guys tell yourselves you’ll stick to your healthy eating regime, and then grandma’s cooking sits under your nose at dinner and your best intentions go out the window? Yeah, me too. **sigh**

With this in mind, I compiled my favourite tips for staying on track–big ones, little ones, and everything in between! Let me know what your strategies are, and how these ones work for you!

1. Plan the Event into your week: yes, it’s hard sometimes to know when you’ll be in a tight spot healthy eating wise, but do your best to plan! Know Christmas dinner is in five days? Try and eat better the days leading up to the big event.

2. Veggies, veggies, veggies: you only have so much room in that stomach of yours, so fill it up with the good stuff first! An array of colourful vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates to fuel yourself the right way, while also leaving less room for those less healthy dishes (that darned gravy! So good, but sooo bad!) and the dessert table after. Score!

3. Keep hydrated: Nothing’s worse than filling up on heavy foods while also not maintaining proper hydration. Bodily functions are impaired at dehydration levels as low as 3%, so drink your water! If you do want to enjoy your alcohol as well, go for your healthier options: heart-healthy red wine, lower alcohol levels, or light beers.

4. Don’t starve: possibly the only thing worse than not staying hydrated is letting yourself get so hungry you’re literally feeling headaches and faintness! Keep those blood sugars stable with regular snacks such as almonds, fruits, and/or vegetables. Your body will benefit more from numerous smaller meals every couple of hours than one or two big meals spaced too much through the day.

5. Treat yo’self: this is the bottom line, folks. Let’s face it: Christmas, your birthday, thanksgiving…they all come once a year. So enjoy it! Don’t get hung up on one day where you overindulge a bit more than you wanted to. It happens! Life needs to be looked at in Big Picture format. Is that huge piece of cake you ate really life-ruining? Did it kill your quality-food kick for the week? No, it did not. Every minute after every moment is a chance to live in a way that fulfills you, so take it and make it your own. Capeesh?


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