Welcome to my kitchen!

Enjoy the amazing fall colours we're having!

Goooooood morning (ahem, afternoon) internet! And welcome to my blog, The Therapist’s Kitchen! This post is to give you an idea of what you’ll find kickin’ it here, as well as the face behind the creation.

I’m not a therapist. Say whaaat?? I know, it says it’s a therapist’s kitchen. But I’m currently in training. I know, unfair use of the phrase “the therapist’s kitchen”. But I just really liked it, okay?? I wanted to call it The (future, possible) Therapist’s Kitchen, but that didn’t seem to roll as well. So there’s your disclaimer, folks. I won’t be giving any relationship/family/friend advice anyway (unless you ask me), so we’ll leave it at that. Besides, there’s nothing as therapeutic as an amazing cup of chai and a homemade goody, right? It counts!

Recipes and food posts aren’t all you’re gonna find here. I don’t know about you guys, but there is so much more than just cooking and baking that goes on in my kitchen! I also read, do crafts, spend time with my loved ones, and just generally hang out in my kitchen. It’s pretty much a magnet for my soul. As per requests then, or, ya know, because I want to, I’ll also be writing about cool DIY’s I come across. Anything goes!

I grew up (and still consider myself to live in) my rural home town. I’m a farm girl. That means unpasteurized milk, free range eggs, and a whole lotta beliefs in how food should work. While decadence and downright deliciousness will certainly appear on the blog, I draw the line at pretty much all processed foods and ‘food-like substances’. Living a full and healthy life to me means putting the kind of fuel into one’s body that will enhance life, not detract from it. So get ready for tons of gardening posts, cute animals, and other agriculture-related info’s.

That’s about it for now, any questions can be left for me and I’ll do my best to answer them. I am SO looking forward to lots of fall-themed blogging in the next few months! Stay golden!


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